Bradley Architects for Sustainable Environments (BASE) is an architecture and design firm in Sydney and South Coast, Australia. Our underlying ethos at BASE is to promote socially and environmentally responsible architecture through processes of contemporary design and collaboration.

At BASE, we believe each project is unique, for its combination of client, brief and context. We get excited by these differences, and our design and architecture reflects this.

Thriving on collaboration, we approach each project from fundamental principles such as:

– Flexibility for adaptation and reuse
– Material sourcing for low toxicity and low embodied energy
– Skill-sharing and cross-disciplinary design
– Community engagement
– Cultural exchange


Director, Jessica Bradley has over ten years experience working in small and medium sized design based firms, delivering a variety of projects that range in typology and scale, including single and multi residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

Jessica Bradley is a registered Architect in NSW, Australia, 9692